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Micro Sex Office (2011)

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Micro Sex Office (2011) | BRRip | MKV | 500 MB
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Date Released : 2011

Movie Quality : BRRip

Starring : Sui-man Chim, Koni Lui, Harriet Yang, Kai-tai Di, Zhi-jian Deng, Jacqueline Chong, Bonnie Wong, Michelle Yeung, Hoi-tai Chak

Genre : Comedy

Format : MKV

Size : 500MB

plotai Micro Sex Office (2011)
Who says the workplace has to be dull and boring? Hong Kong’s top comedian Jim Chim adapts his popular stage show MicroSex Office for a big-screen incarnation that is decidedly wilder, sexier, and way more hilarious! Bringing back his disciples Harriet Yeung and Tyson Chak (the fan-favorite stars of the stage version), Jim and his co-director Lee Kung Lok (My Ex-Wife’s Wedding) put a brand-new story arc over the episodic nature of the original gag show. With comedy master Wong Jing as producer, the movie version promises tons of outrageously funny dirty jokes in addition to plenty of eye-candies in the form of alluring actresses DaDa Chan, Koni Lui, Jacqueline Chong, Yedda Chao, Taiwan heartthrob Chen Zhi Ming, and twin rockers Soler.

Once upon a time in Hong Kong, there’s this traditional medicine oil company that has come seriously close to bankruptcy. However, its bored-stiff staff – the mean manager Ben Chow (Jim Chim), sleazy Tyson (Tyson Chak), love-deficient Hatou (Harriet Yeung), and clueless newbie Rachel (Koni Lui) – has nothing better to do than fantasizing about all kinds of sexual escapades in their cold drab little cubicles. Thankfully, their company is taken over by an adult toy enterprise from China, and their wet dreams come true when four delectable new coworkers (Yedda Chao, Jacqueline Chong, DaDa Chan, and Chen Zhi Ming) come to jazz up their office life!

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