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Vares: The Garter Snake (2011)

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INFO1 Vares: The Garter Snake (2011)

Date Released : 2011

Movie Quality : DVDRip

Starring : Antti Reini, Matti Onnismaa and Eppu Salminen

Genre : Crime

Format : MKV

Size : 400MB

1eMda7u8 Vares: The Garter Snake (2011)
In the heat of the night, a man from faraway plays the piano. In the local hillside prison, a bitter double-crossed convict stares at the city life over the roofs. A revenge in brewing in his mind; the blood-thirsty killer prepares his escape. Vares gets a client who needs private investigations. Despite the beautiful wife, Vares smels a rat… In the middle of the summer night, a shot rings out. One life comes to and and Vares finds changes in his assignment. The clues lead him to first-hand encounters and second-hand bookshops; a visit to the gym reveals a drug-smuggling route from Stockholm… Vares finds himself enragled in hot money and cook silk. In the backround slithers a cunning garter snake…
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Subtitl : English

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